Perfect Day to Ride 100 miles

2017 Campagnolo GFNY World Championship round up

by Emma Bishop | May 22, 2017 | General, Uncategorized

Feeling like and being treated like a Pro For A Day is something you do not get to experience every day. Sunday was the prefect day to ride 100 miles

New York City knocked it out the park and presented a stunning day for the 7th Campagnolo GFNY World Championship. In fact Sunday May 21st could go down as the best conditions so far in the history of the event.

It was the perfect day to ride 100miles.  All the riders had to compete with on Sunday was themselves and 8500ft of climbing. Simple right?

Not at all.

Every year I return to observe and report from the middle and back of this amazing race I see something new. Last year through drizzle, cloud and cold the course did not show her true self. There was no time to really observe; those of you who were riding can appreciate that last year the focus was all about ‘keep on moving forward’.

Yesterday I noticed how this course continually grinds away at riders mentally and physically.  There are climbs not listed in the ‘brochure’ perhaps because they are deemed simply, a ‘speed bump’, but it all starts to mount up. It is a championship course for a good reason, it is damn tough. Every rider, weekend warrior and newbie who had the courage to sign up deserves a pat on the back. You earned your medal in a big way.

Happy Family

Undoubtedly one of the highlights waits atop Bear Mountain. This year riders were greeted with a complete polar opposite of 2016. Blue skies, no wind and warm spring temperatures. Bear wasn’t cold. She waited atop looking her best with a warm embrace as riders conquered the mountain.

Conquering the Bear

For those who elected to be social and take their time Bear was in undated with riders making the most of a very popular ‘selfie’ opportunity.

Selfie moment

It is common knowledge that the second half of this course is where your mettle is truly tested. If you are new to the course, you can take comfort in the fact that Bear really is not where you have to lay it all down. It sounds a lot worse than it is. Repeat riders (those guys in the know) state the back to back challenge of Pinarello and Cheescote as a combination of pure hate and pain coupled with immense satisfaction that keeps them coming back every year.

There is no shame in walking.

A lot of people walked the hills yesterday. There is no shame in that. Remember you had the guts to sign up; you rocked up and chose to spend your Sunday with 5000 other cycling friends from 97 countries around the world. So the hills hurt a little more than you expected? The key is you kept moving forward.

For local New Yorkers, GFNY has become something of a must do – ‘it’s on my doorstep’ kind of thing. For internationals traveling to New York, it’s a great opportunity to ride through New York, blast through police and red lights and have a great holiday in the city afterwards.

 What were some of the trends this year?

Husbands and wives riding together topped my list. Great to see couples out there working together and having fun.

Husband & Wife, Picture c/o Sportograf

Passing the GFNY love along. Repeat riders encouraging friends and family for their first GFNY NYC. If you are going to do something because your friend did it, then GFNY NYC is a pretty good goal.

Stepping up. Many riders who did Bear last year  stepped up to 100 this year. First time riders taking on the Bear this year (before they even finished) said next year they are in for 100 in 2018!

So how about next year? Are you in?


Professional Podium:

There was a three man sprint for the men’s overall podium with Italy’s Ricardo Pichetta taking the top step. In the women’s race Camila Cortes of Colombia again showed her dominance and pedigree to take her 4th GFNY NYC title and 10th overall GFNY series victory. Can anybody stop this wonder women?!

Men: (1) Ricardo Pichetta (ITA) 04:28:47, (2) Victor Gras (NY) 04:28:47, (3) Chase Goldstein (LA) 04:28:48

Women: (1) Camila Cortes (COL) 04:45:30, (2) Marcella Toldi (BRA) 04:47:32, (3) Maria Camila Giannella (BRA) 04:56:08

Ricardo Pichetta, picture c/o/Sportograf

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