Are Disc Brakes allowed at GFNY?

by GFNY | February 5, 2018 | Uncategorized

We still get quite a few questions on whether disc brakes are allowed at GFNY.

The short answer is: for now, yes.


Two years ago we first discussed this topic. Back then, it was a back and forth in the pro ranks with disc brakes being allowed one moment and being banned the next. Graphic images of riders having been injured by disc rotors (or was it something else?) made the round.

Last fall, the UCI published a safety report and announced to continue their trials. Rotors with ‘smoothed or chamfered edges’ are to be used, with no 90-degree edges allowed on the perimeter edge of the brake rotor.

Meanwhile confusion continues to prevail among the amateur ranks. It’s up to the national federations to decide: some allow them, others not. And some countries – like Italy – have several cycling federations where one allows disc brakes across all races, another bans them for criteriums and a third one requires the rotor to be covered at all kinds of racing.

GFNY and disc brakes

At GFNY, we do our utmost to provide you the same rule across all GFNYs because that’s what we stand for. GFNY offers you a standardized experience wherever you go.

When it comes to disc brakes, however, it’s not as easy as it may sound. GFNY can’t just decide for all races because some of our races are organized under national federations. Hence, those races are bound by federation rules.

Luckily though, at the time of this writing, disc brakes are allowed at all GFNYs. And if anything, this will be more likely to remain than not as disc brakes become more and more popular.

But do I need disc brakes?

Two years ago we wrote: “Being granfondo racers ourselves, we only ever would have liked disc brakes when descending 20-30km off mountain passes in the Alps or Pyrenees in the rain. But that doesn’t even account for 0.1% of our riding. Bottom line for us: disc brakes are heavy and ugly. As one Italian said: “Why buy something heavy that makes you slower?”

Since then, disc brakes have become lighter and frame designers are starting to create more visually appealing solutions. In other words: the technology gets closer to a “why wouldn’t you have disc brakes on your next bike?”


Yes, you can use a disc brake bike at GFNY.

No, you don’t need it at all. As of today, a standard rim brake may actually still be a competitive advantage.

But: stay tuned!

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