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You likely suspect a climb named “Alpine” to be more of a monster than a 1.6k hill with 120m of elevation gain. But there is more to this hill than the numbers suggest. While it’s early in the race, Alpine is stingy enough to separate the cream from the crop. The excitement for the race has been building up until it finally starts. It’s hard to hold back when the road finally tilts up at 15km into the race. Sure, there are a few bumps along River Road on the way to Alpine. But Alpine is where the hotshots let loose. Often, the pace up the climb is so aggressive that a small, race winning group already forms at the top. Check on your favorite climb tracking website and you’ll see that many of the top times have been achieved during GFNY. And this, despite Alpine being one of the most contested climbs globally.


How to ride Alpine

To win GFNY: At the front. If there is a move, go with it.

For a fast time at GFNY: Look for groups forming towards the top. You will need a strong group to be fast along the flat section on 9W and beyond.

To finish GFNY: Try to relax and keep your breathing in check. It’s still a long way to the finish from here.


Bear Mountain is the big daddy of GFNY. It's long enough to be intimidating for a flatlander and it would still be considered a climb by mountain goats from Colombia and Switzerland. All in all, Bear Mountain is a very doable climb. Most riders find the steady, moderate gradient pleasant because it allows you to find a rhythm. There's only one slightly steeper patch. Climbing Bear Mountain during GFNY is exhilarating because you not only have many riders around you to climb with but also can watch the leaders descend because the route is an out-and-back. GFNY 100 riders, be advised: GFNY veterans can attest that Bear Mountain is by no means the "half way" point of the race, but rather the beginning of the core of the race with significant climbing following Bear Mountain.

GFNY 100 riders, be advised: GFNY veterans can attest that Bear Mountain is by no means the "half way" point of the race, but rather the beginning of the core of the race with significant climbing following Bear Mountain.


How to ride Bear Mountain

To win GFNY: At the front. If there is a move by two or more riders, go with it.

For a fast time at GFNY: Steady-hard. If you raced smart until now, you should still be full of energy. This is the moment where you should start using some of it. Always keep in mind that the real race only begins after Bear.

To finish GFNY: Try to find a rhythm as early as possible and keep your breathing in check. Don't get carried away by others burning themselves out. You may see many of these people again later on. Stay focused all the way to the top.


While Bear Mountain might be the featured climb of GFNY, Colle Andrea Pinarello should be the most feared. More than being physically demanding, it's mentally challenging because it plays tricks on you at a key point during the race. You might feel like you have reached the half way point after cresting Bear Mountain. However, the following hills may suck the life out of you. After the notoriously undulating Mott Farm Road, Colle Andrea Pinarello may start mellow but soon picks up and gets steeper. Named after the late Andrea Pinarello, one of the true innovators in the gran fondo world and GFNY 2011 finisher, this climb suggests the top is near several times before it actually is. You'll see a crest in the distance and think "right there it's done!" only to find out that it continues when you reach it. Once you do finish the climb, the fast descent will take more mental energy just before the next climb kicks right back up.


How to ride Colle Andrea Pinarello

To win GFNY: If you are in the lead group, don't get dropped. Most years, Andrea Pinarello takes its victims. And there is no coming back. If you are in a solid chase group, encourage everyone to stay together through the hills to make back ground once you reach the flatter terrain after Cheesecote.

For a fast time at GFNY: No need to hold back any longer. Andrea Pinarello is a great climb to make time and catch back up to slowing riders. This is what you have trained for.

To finish GFNY: Andrea Pinarello is one of the key climbs of your race. Show mental strength and get it done. If you get through Pinarello and Cheesecote, nothing should stop you from finishing.


MILE 64 / KM103: On a clear day, you can see Manhattan skyscrapers on the descent off Cheesecote Mountain. Your first, distant glimpse of the finish line! Cheescote's 18% grade is the steepest section of the Campagnolo GFNY NYC course. It comes right at the start of the climb. While short, it tends to suck enough energy to make the rest of the climb a drag. The road surface isn't the smoothest which adds to the challenge. Good news is: once you crest the climb, the toughest part of GFNY is behind you.

How to ride Cheesecote

To win GFNY: Pretty much the same applies as for Colle Andrea Pinarello. If you are in the lead group, don't get dropped. If you feel good, it's a nice climb to test the competition and thin out the group. Trying to go alone from here is a big task though, so better to have some company.

For a fast time at GFNY: Take the initial steep section with a relaxed mindset. Once the climb flattens to a more manageable 7-8%, try to find a solid pace.

To finish GFNY: One of our favorite signs that we tend to place at Cheesecote reads: "It's OK to cry." While it is, it's better to do so when riding instead of walking. Grind it out. This climb is not a beauty contest.


Dyckman Hill is your last hurdle before the Campagnolo GFNY NYC finish. It's not a tough climb by itself and it features a beautiful alpine-style switchback. But it comes after 98 miles / 158km or racing, so it stings for sure.


How to ride Dyckman

To win GFNY: If you don't have a sprint, Dyckman is your last true chance to get away from anyone who's with you.

For a fast time at GFNY: Get it done.

To finish GFNY: Resist the temptation to stop and/or walk. Once you made it across the crest, you can almost just roll to the finish. But make sure you're not cutting it too close for the cut-off.

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with 1400m of climbing

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