GFNY Mont Ventoux


2000 riders from 35 countries take on and conquer GFNY Mont Ventoux


The third edition of GFNY Mont Ventoux took place on Sunday, June 25. The race was sold out, with 2000 riders who were treated to a glorious day of iconic riding under blue skies and warm temperatures of 31C.

Set amid the charming provincial town of Vaison-la-Romaine, famous for its well-preserved 2000-year-old Roman ruins and medieval town and cathedral, GFNY Mont Ventoux offers beautiful scenery, vineyards and charming Provencal villages, which provides a dramatic setting for the challenge the riders take on.

“Mont Ventoux is a very tough climb that most fear, hence reaching the top provides a huge sense of pride. Along the way, riders are treated to a safe and smoothly operating event that makes them BE A PRO FOR A DAY, as GFNY’s slogan states.” Said Lidia Fluhme, co-founder and President of GFNY

The long distance event encompasses 130km over 3200metres of climbing including 3 Cols before the final ascent to the finish atop Mt. Ventoux. GFNY Mont Ventoux is the only open cycling race to finish on top of Mont Ventoux; all GFNY races are open to professionals and amateurs alike.

In the men’s race it was a close battle on the final climb up Mt. Ventoux with Kristof Houben from Belgium and defending champion, Alexander Duncan of Switzerland, riding side by side until the final 500 meters. Houben launched an attack with 500 meters to go and Duncan was unable to respond to the Belgian’s effort and Houben took the GFNY European Championship Mont Ventoux title in a time of 4:14:53h. Nicolas Reynaud of France completed the podium just over a minute back.

In the women’s race, Stephanie Subercaseaux, from Chile rode away with the win in a time of 5:16:17h. She overtook Isabel Eizmendi (Spain) on the climb up Ventoux, which she started 8 minutes later and won by 2 minutes. Muriel Reggiani (France) finished third a further 3 minutes down.

Both overall winners are invited to New York City with flight and hotel provided by GFNY to compete at the Campagnolo GFNY World Championship NYC. Due to the event being the European Championship, other riders also benefited from finishing in the top 20% of each age group (vs the usual 10% at other GFNYs) qualifying for the racer corral at Campagnolo GFNY World Championship New York City being held on May 20, 2018.


GFNY Super Sunday delivers


1300 racers took on Biemme GFNY Mont Ventoux, which finished on top of the legendary mountain. The 80mile / 130km race had a total elevation gain of 11,500ft / 3500m. Alexander Duncan from the UK won in 4:12:35, beating Bart van Damme from Belgium by a mere 43 seconds. Local Fabian Muzette rounded out the European podium. Based on previous race results, Duncan’s climb time up Ventoux is expected to be faster than 2/3 of the Tour de France peloton which will tackle the myth in a few weeks.

Amandine Martin from France won the women’s race in 5:04:59 beating compatriot Sandra Martin by over half an hour. Coraline Cambours rounded out the French podium in 5:39:23, just two minutes behind second place.

“GFNY Mont Ventoux has become an instant classic for climbing specialists and fans of the legendary climb,” says GFNY CEO Uli Fluhme. “It’s the only bike race open to amateurs that finishes on top of Mont Ventoux. While many people can climb Mont Ventoux, tackling the climb after 100km of racing over three cols is an incredibly difficult challenge that requires tenacity and smart pacing.”


Riders conquer Mont Ventoux at inaugural GFNY race on June 28, 2015


A sold out field of 1,050 racers from 31 countries got to race like pros for a day at the inaugural Wear-Design GFNY Mont Ventoux on June 28, 2015. With an exciting start in the town of Vaison-La-Romaine in Southern France’s Provence region, to the breathtaking finish atop the legendary Mont Ventoux, it was a challenging day that saw many triumphs of determination and courage. The top of Mont Ventoux was a scene of exhaustion and pride. Few finish lines are as well-covered by selfie photos as that of GFNY Mont Ventoux.

The long route was 84mi / 135km and had 11,800ft / 3600m of climbing. The medium route was 70mi / 113km long and had 9,800ft / 3,000m of climbing. Both routes traveled over several cols before finishing at the top of the 6,237ft / 1,912m-high Mont Ventoux on a day where temperatures in the valleys reached 95F / 35C under a cloudless sky.

French U23 elite racer Alexis Carlier won the race in 4:14:03 by dropping runner-up Luic Ruffeau with 4k to go to the top. The women’s race was dominated by 24-year old Anna Kiesenhofer from Austria in 4:33:53. She took the race by distancing second place finisher Betty Kals from Belgium by no less than 45 minutes and taking 12th place overall. Look out for her in pro races very soon.

Only a few racers were in the hunt for the overall win. However, age groupers were fighting hard to be in the top 10% of their category to snatch a racer corral spot for the 2nd GFNY Championship in NYC on May 15, 2016.

“At Campagnolo GFNY in NYC we have the most spectacular start line in cycling on the George Washington Bridge,” says Uli Fluhme, CEO of GFNY. “And no doubt Mont Ventoux is as spectacular as it gets when it comes to finishing a bike race. Founders Lucie Hiegel and Nicolas Garcera and the whole GFNY Mont Ventoux organization have done an amazing job with this well-run event. Based on the overwhelming number of requests for entries this year and how seamlessly organized the event was, we expect 3,000 riders from across the globe within the next two years. Our host town Vaison-la-Romaine is ready: in 2013, it accommodated the Tour de France for two days.”

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