Gruppo Sportivo

Vito Valentini


Vito’s passion is to make a positive difference in people’s lives. It’s no wonder that he is referred to as the Human Potential Catalyst. No matter how rookie or slow you think you are, Vito will take care of you and show you what you can achieve with work, persistance and a smile. Vito’s guide “How to survive GFNY” quickly became the hottest traded stock in the weeks before GFNY 2012. Be ready for more.



Jared loves the exercise, freedom and camaraderie that riding gives him. While solo rides serve as his personal meditation, he’d love to go on a ride with his cycling role model Jens Voigt. Jared joined Gruppo Sportivo for two reasons: for the challenge and spectacle of GFNY and because he embraces proper group ride etiquette. “When each ride becomes a race, among individuals or smaller groups, there is little joy in the group ride. Racing is terrific, but its place is on a closed course, not an open road with many riders of varying abilities. That’s the place to share, learn, ride and socialize.”

When Jared is not riding, he’s rock climbing, sampling wine abroad with his wife or working in Internet advertising.

Heidi Broecking


Heidi took a year away from the Gruppo Sportivo and is thrilled to return in 2017.  She loves the sense of family in the cycling community, especially the GFNY community. She’s inspired by the support and encouragement riders give each other. When not riding, Heidi works as a graphic designer, yoga/movement teacher and is the proud mom of a college junior.

GFNY runs through her “back yard” in Nyack. The route and hills are part of her regular rides. Her favorite GFNY climb is unquestionably Bear Mountain. “The long, gradual ascent with stunning views of the Hudson River at every corner is breathtaking.”

Frank Lee


Frank calls himself “a Korean-Canadian who thinks he is Italian” which led Vito to exclusively call him “Don Francesco”. Bear Mountain is Frank’s favorite place and unsurprisingly his Everesting playground. Frank appreciates the authenticity of the larger community and family of GFNY. That said, his dream is to ride GFNY with his wife and daughter in the near future. Speaking of future: Frank is the guy you see on TV when LG is introducing their latest high tech.

Thomas Han


Thomas is a decorated pro MTBer and roadie back in his former home Korea. Today, he is an IT Infrastructure Engineer at LG dealing with all kinds of IT related issues.

What he enjoys about cycling? “I love the anticipation, anxiety and eagerness of the night before; the crisp, fresh breeze on my face when I step out of the house before sunrise, and of course all the exhilarating, momentous achievements during the ride.” Yes!

Lidia Fluhme


Lidia is a 7-time Ironman Hawaii finisher with an Ironman PR of 10:22. In 2011 she discovered that she can also kick butt in a race that doesn’t involve swimming or running. Lidia’s love for all things NYC run deep, she’s a New Yorker of over 20 years. Her resume includes investment banking, modeling and an MBA from NYU, now Lidia is the co-founder and President of GFNY.

Uli Fluhme


Uli is looking back at 15 years of Gran Fondo experience. Having grown up as a pure road racer, he briefly competed at Ironman triathlon professionally (PR: 8:59). After five years as an attorney at a financial institution, he thought it was time to move on. With Lidia’s help, in 2010 he put his two favorite things together: Gran Fondo and New York. Today, Uli is the CEO of GFNY.


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