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At your last event the official photographer took some amazing pictures of you. You clicked on two of them, go to the checkout page but they want $50 for two small prints. You think this is a ripoff? So do we. That’s why GFNY is working with Sportograf. Here’s the deal: Sportograf shows up with a large team to capture the day. For a flat fee of $30 you can download ALL your photos plus a bunch of general event photos.


Super Race Systems has been timing, scoring, and promoting sporting events since 1978. Founded in the suburbs of New York City, SRS is affiliated with the timing of the intermediate splits of the Boston Marathon, the New York City Marathon, triathlons, duathlons, cycling races, adventure series, and even a swim across the Hudson River. SRS will be using the ChronoTrack B-Tag system to time participants.


The purpose of the MPCC association is to defend the idea of a clean cycling based on notions of transparency, responsibility and mobilization of its members. GFNY is glad to be involved to further support antidoping.

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