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All new in 2016!

Two amazing new features:

1. Ceramic-coated Lycra
The coating improves the material’s abrasion resistance and compressive properties without increasing weight or sacrificing its breathability.
In other words: it keeps the shorts in place during those long hours in the saddle, even in wet conditions.

2. Two chamois pads at work
The pad consists of an inner and an outer layer. The inner is a highly breathable, dual-density, antimicrobial pad seamlessly shaped to provide the utmost support to your undercarriage and relieve soft tissue of pressure. The thinner outer pad encompasses the inner, providing protection between your skin and any stitching, and also creating a seamless transition from Lycra to chamois that eliminates that diaper-like feeling typically associated with a chamois this supportive.
In other words: the most comfortable chamois we ever experienced (10,000 test miles since July 2015).

3. Performance Straps
The suspenders are made of two different types of polyester-bound elastic that properly supports the garment as you ride, keeping you comfortable and assuring that you never have to worry about the shorts shifting.
In other words: you won’t feel them (and that’s a good thing).

This gem matches the official 2016 Campagnolo Gran Fondo New York race jersey Made in Italy by Biemme and provided exclusively to all GFNY 16 racers.



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