The GFNY jersey for women

by GFNY | February 13, 2017 | Uncategorized

We get a few questions from women who are rightfully concerned about our GFNY jersey because we don’t offer women specific sizes. GFNY President Lidia explains why:

“I wear the GFNY jersey for all my cycling. Since I ride a lot, it’s important to me personally to have a jersey that fits me great, feels great and looks great.

The GFNY jerseys are not men’s jerseys or women’s jerseys, they are unisex. We explore all options and possibilities for what is best for GFNY participants so that each participant has the best experience possible at our event. And this is why now for the third year we are offering unisex jerseys.

Perhaps unlike other jerseys you have tried, the GFNY jerseys have stretchy side panels which expand to fit every curve possible – whether it’s a man’s curve or a woman’s curve. You can see the stretchy side panels in the photos I attach. And you can see the fitting of the jersey to all body curves.

However, we do base the sizing of a men’s size chart, since the majority of GFNY participants are male, it’s the easier option to explain the sizing of the jersey.

The GFNY jersey is a race cut jersey, with a full zip. The smallest jersey that we produce is a 2XS. You can check the size chart here.

I have tried wearing many companies’ women’s jerseys and I found that they were all too short in the torso. I’m not super tall (5’9”) and actually I have a short torso for my height, and still I found women’s jerseys to be too short. And when I select a bigger size, it would be too loose at the waist and when I’m riding out of the saddle, the contents of my pockets would slide side to side, which is so annoying. I’ve heard the same complaint from many women about women-specific jerseys – a woman must be very short or have a very short torso, which really only fits a small number of women.

From my first-hand interaction with hundreds of women who have participated in our event over the years, the women have shared with me that they prefer the longer torso of the current GFNY unisex jersey vs a women-specific jersey. In fact, for GFNY 2012, we did offer women’s jerseys from a different apparel provider and I watched women try them on and not be happy with the fit (mostly the torso length), and many opting to instead wear the men’s jerseys.

We do, however offer women-specific bib shorts, since the pelvic anatomy of the two genders is different. From what I know, we carry the largest women’s bib short inventory out of any cycling event in the world, and we do sell out of it each year.”

Any questions? Email Lidia at

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