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Bringing your own bike has the advantage that you are familiar with it.


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Unlimited Biking has 200 Cannondale road bikes available for rent. They are GFNY’s main bike rental service. Renting from Unlimited Biking is very easy.

  • Book your Unlimited Biking rental here:
  • Pickup at their Pier 78 facility
  • Return your Unlimited Biking rental bike directly at the GFNY Finish Village. After you cross the finish line on Hudson Terrace, get your medal & photo. Follow the path to the Bike Parking Zone, aside the Bike Parking Zone, you will see Unlimited Biking flags and staff waiting to collect your rental bike.

Strictly Bicycles:

R&A Cycles:

TOGA! Is offering Valet Hotel Bike Pick Up/Drop off Assembly Service. Cost $300

Toga will pick up your bike at you hotel prior to GFNY, assemble it and return it to you. After GFNY, Toga will pick up the bike, disassemble it and return it to hotel.

Location: Toga Westside 110 West End Avenue, NY, NY 10023

Contact: Will Alvarado ( – TEL: 212-799-9625

Rover Cycle Co 

You can ship your bike to The Rover warehouse. The Rover will build and tune-up your bike and drop it off at your hotel.

If you fly with your bike, The Rover can also pick up your bike from your hotel and assemble it.

The Rover can also procure and install any new parts (wheels, handlebars, groupset, power meters, etc.).

After the race, you can drop off your bike with The Rover or schedule a pick-up at your hotel or central location. The Rover will clean, deconstruct and carefully pack each bike for travel with you or for shipment, which they’re happy to facilitate.

Contact: OR +1-646-546-6012 (WhatsApp)

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