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GFNY more races in the calendar!! // GFNY GRUPPO News 003

07 Jul 2020

 In today’s show: Welcome to GFNY GRUPPO, a channel made to bring to you all the news about the GFNY world. 2020-2021 3x medal. A new race to the GFNY calendar. GFNY Florida what

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Un nuevo e imperdible GFNY // GFNY GRUPPO Noticias 026

26 Jun 2020

In today’s show: Welcome to GFNY GRUPPO, a channel made to bring to you all the news about the GFNY world. GFNY Peru, the new race on the GFNY calendar. Cusco is offers a lot

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GFNY Alps Vaujany all the details!! // GFNY GRUPPO News 002

23 Jun 2020

  In today’s show: Welcome to GFNY GRUPPO, a channel made to bring to you all the news about the GFNY world. -All you need to know about the GFNY Vaujany race -Which is the

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Carreras virtuales VS Carreras reales // GFNY GRUPPO Noticias 025

13 Jun 2020

 In today’s show: Virtual races VS Real races // GFNY GRUPPO News 025 GFNY Cozumel, the virtual race. Virtual and real racing differences. Virtual and real racing similarities. Winner of a ticket to the

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What’s GFNY GRUPPO all about //GFNY GRUPPO News 001

09 Jun 2020

 In today’s show: Welcome to GFNY GRUPPO, a channel made to bring to you all the news about the GFNY world. What’s GFNY GRUPPO Next race. News from the GFNY shop. To win an

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El GFNY que se suspendió en el último minuto // GFNY GRUPPO Noticias 025

25 May 2020

In today’s show: The GFNY that was suspended at the last minute // GFNY GRUPPO News 025 A New Jersey in the GFNY store GFNY Uruguay Punta del Este, the day it was suspended. New

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Detalles del Campamento de GFNY Francia // GFNY GRUPPO Noticias 024

20 May 2020

 In today’s show: Details of the GFNY France Camp // GFNY GROUP 023 News All the details of the GFNY France camp Climbs to conquer during the week in the Alps. Winner of courtesy

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GFNY Exclusive - Replica Jersey

19 May 2020

This Limited Edition GFNY 2011 replica jersey is a homage to the first ever GFNY jersey, but updated with latest materials and style. Two side pockets, our favorite feature for those extra-long days in the saddle. Front

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Como ver tus resultados y clasificar al corral delantero. // GFNY GRUPPO Show 023

13 May 2020

 In today’s show: Learn the differences between the GFNY races. What are the advantages and benefits? How to check your GFNY results What are the extra benefits of a Regional Championship? How to Qualify

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Inaugural GFNY Alpes Vaujany confirmed for August 30, 2020

05 May 2020

GFNY Alpes Vaujany is confirmed to go ahead as planned on August 30th following an announcement from French President Macron that events will be allowed from mid-July. NEW YORK CITY, May 5, 2020 – Vaujany, in

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¿Qué hacen los organizadores de GFNY durante el año? // GFNY GRUPPO Noticias 022

01 May 2020

 In today’s show: What do the organizers of GFNY during the year? Interview with Daniela Gad, Organizer of GFNY in Mexico. GFNY Alps Vaujany camp New Limited Edition Jersey. Winner of from last week.

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26 Apr 2020

   In today’s show: Save the date, the races are back. GFNY Alps Vaujany has a new race course. The Col Du Glandon in professional cycling. 2 double passes for GFNY Vaujany: Answer: What’s

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GFNY GRUPPO Noticias 020

18 Apr 2020

 In today’s show: The 2020 3X Medal and how to get it. The best palmares from the first 10 years of GFNY. Win a GFNY Buff. New products on the GFNY shop. La Medalla

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Entrevista con Flavio De Luna // GFNY GRUPPO Noticias 019

09 Apr 2020

 In today’s show: Interview with Flavio De Luna, 2x Champion of GFNY Cozumel. Preparation for a race. Breakfast of Champions. New dynamics to win GFNY prizes. All GFNY store on sale.   Entrevista con

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Suspensión o Cancelación, Las diferencias // GFNY GRUPPO Noticias 018

01 Apr 2020

In today’s Show: What will be the next GFNY? The difference between suspension or cancellation.   ¿Cual sera el próximo GFNY? La diferencia entre suspensión o cancelación.  

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Básicos para entrenar en casa, Bicicleta + Core. // GFNY GRUPPO Noticias 017

23 Mar 2020

In today’s show: Basics for training at home. What can be done on the rollers. Essential and non-essential for the roller. Core exercises that we can all do at home.   Básicos a tomar en

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GFNY is Your Race Through American History by Armand Minassian

03 Mar 2020

At the start of GFNY in 2019, I found myself on my bike, suspended above the Hudson River on the lower deck of the George Washington Bridge, surrounded by 5,000 fellow racers from over 90

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28 Feb 2020

 In today’s show: GFNY Bali 2020 Results. Marcia Barrios, winner of GFNY Panama prepares for GFNY Jerusalem. Courtesy winner of GFNY Punta Cana. To win a pair of GFNY sunglasses: Upload a photo with

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Estrategia de Nutrición para un GFNY (MTY) // GFNY GRUPPO Noticias 013

15 Feb 2020

 In today’s Show: The 2020 season begins at GFNY Bali. What to expect in GFNY PUNTA CANA (Dominican Republic). Courtesy winner of GFNY Italia. To win a courtesy to GFNY Dominican Republic, answer: What was

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F8 and Be There — Tales of 2019 and the #GFNYHighFive

09 Nov 2019

by Chris Geiser   This case has seen a lot of action this year! It’s been everywhere man!   Simplicity in the technical is equal to being present and prepared. No complicated photographic technique here:

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Breaking the Chain

25 Jul 2019

  Those who are skeptical of the presence of doping in amateur sport should look to the July 8, 2019 announcement from Europol – concerning a joint operation of 33 countries and multiple agencies (including

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25 Jul 2019

  AQUELLOS ESCÉPTICOS SOBRE LA PRESENCIA DE DOPAJE EN EL DEPORTE, deberían subsanar sus dudas leyendo el anuncio de la Europol del 8 de Julio de 2019 -sobre una operación conjunta entre 33 países y

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Stepping Up — With 2019 GFNY NYC’s World Champion, Jill Patterson

14 Jun 2019

by Chris Geiser   Talking Training, Helping Define Racing, and Keeping it Together on the Final Climb   Jill Patterson celebrates on the Podium at GFNY NYC Championship 2019 364 days. From the fourth Monday

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Third Sunday in May — 2019 — GFNY

23 May 2019

…and you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?   by Chris Geiser A moment in time — the front corral, west bound, lower level of the George Washington Bridge — roughly 6:35

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Race Day Secrets of Gruppo Sportivo (V)

13 May 2019

A guide to racing the GFNY Championship NYC course, by the ride leaders and ambassadors that know it best. by Chris Geiser   The Return Climbs – Mott Farm Road, Pinarello, and Cheesecote Cheesecote begins

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Race Day Secrets of Gruppo Sportivo (IV)

11 May 2019

A guide to racing the GFNY Championship NYC course, by the ride leaders and ambassadors that know it best.   by Chris Geiser   From Haverstraw to Bear Take a brief vacation. There, did you

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10 May 2019

A guide to racing the GFNY Championship NYC course, by the ride leaders and ambassadors that know it best.   by Chris Geiser   From Alpine to Haverstraw Once up and over Alpine, the next

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Race Day Secrets of Gruppo Sportivo (II)

10 May 2019

A guide to racing the GFNY Championship NYC course, by the ride leaders and ambassadors that know it best.   By Chris Geiser   Breaking Down the Race After we talked through training, we broke

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09 May 2019

A guide to racing the GFNY Championship NYC course, by the ride leaders and ambassadors that know it best.   by Chris Geiser   Let’s start here. This is a challenging day on the bike.

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Becoming a GFNY Three timer

01 May 2019

COVERING THE MIDDLE EAST, THE AMERICAS, Asia, and Europe, across all seasons and most time zones, it has been said that the sun never sets on GFNY. With the race calendar constantly evolving, there are

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The 2019 GFNY NYC bike bottle by ELITE

23 Jan 2019

Find out more at

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Tales from the A-Train — Festivus Edition

28 Dec 2018

Pardon me, Conductor, does this train stop in Drop City? by Chris Geiser   It was as beautiful a Festivus morn, as I can remember since Seinfeld brought everyone outside of the Costanza household the

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Tales From the A-Train (or should it be “tails”)

15 Dec 2018

by Chris Geiser   And so the A-Train beckoned in the first GFNY Group Ride of the GFNY training season. The Fall is mostly behind us, and Winter is upon us. If you had read

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The A Train Beckons…

30 Nov 2018

by Chris Geiser   So you get home from the West Coast, and you are still up. And why not?! It’s not even 10PM your time and you are raring to go. There is a

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Don’t Seek Perfect Roads, They Won’t Make You as Happy as Imperfect Ones

22 Sep 2018

Two years ago I found myself in the chase group of GFNY Deutschland. One of the key features of that GFNY are its smooth roads. Germans pride themselves on their road infrastructure. Having lived abroad

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Inside the Peloton 2018

22 Sep 2018

Breaking the mold By Emma Bishop   From a small mountainside town in Ecuador to Connecticut, entrepreneur and single mom of three Paola Ortega is all about setting the bar high and then soaring above

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The End of the Race is Nigh

15 Jun 2018

by Chris Geiser But do not despair…It’s merely the End of the Race vehicle. This is where I found myself on May 20, 2018. While I had hoped I could race, circumstance, a culvert, a

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The GFNY Bear Reel By Emma Bishop

18 May 2018

This year, in an effort to deliver bigger and better live race day coverage, GFNY NYC set up 4 YouTube streaming channels. It was a test, and a risk – live coverage always is, and

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Inside the Peloton 2017

22 Mar 2017

Eric Olson Riding Because I Can Eric Olson is riding GFNY to remind himself of the simple challenges his beloved wife faces. Tracy Olson will never let her husband Eric, 52 take his health

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Inside the Peloton 2016

22 Apr 2016

Alfredo Ruiz, 45yrs Superman Rides   Learning to ride, as an adult can prove quite challenging. Learning to ride as an adult with Parkinson’s disease, now that is the stuff of superheroes. Alfred Ruiz, has

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Be a Pro for a Day at the GFNY World Championship

What to expect at every GFNY

GFNY is a cycling marathon where you compete against others, the clock and yourself. GFNY NYC serves as the GFNY World Championship for the GFNY World Series of races.

GFNY World events provide you that same challenge in locations around the world. Additionally, you get the chance to qualify for a front corral start at the GFNY World Championship in NYC.

All GFNY events provide the following for you to BE A PRO FOR A DAY:

  • Mass start
  • Individual chip timing from start to finish with awards for all categories
  • Closed roads or police moderated traffic that ensures you don't have to stop during the race


Only the finishers of the long course are eligible for category rankings and Overall and Podium awards. If you want to race and be ranked in your category, you must complete the long course. Top 10% of finishers in each age group qualify for the Racer Corral at every GFNY World event.


The riders of the medium course will be provided their start-to-finish time, but will not be ranked by finish time. All finish times will be listed in alphabetical order.