Virtual Conference

Thank you to hundreds of attendees to the GFNY Conference that was held on January 29, 2023!

If you are new to GFNY, this is the place to get all the information you need before signing up. If you are already a part of GFNY, and are looking at doing more races in new destinations, get expert tips to make 2023 your best racing year!

Europe - French @ 12pm CET
Thème 1: Calendrier 2023                        
Destinations, les ascensions mythiques GFNY,
Les pays avec un GFNY, les pays avec plusieurs GFNY
Mathéo Geyer
Europe - French @ 12:36pm CET
Thème 2: Programmes d'entrainement et coaching                       
Programme d'entrainement et coaching: ce qu'ils représentent,
quels sont les programmes et ce que cela implique.
Comment vous préparer à votre premier GFNY?
Europe - French @ 1:06pm CET
Thème 3: A quoi s'attendre le jour de la course                      
La récupération des paquets de course, les avantages Club,
préparer votre vélo, les essentiels, que devez-vous apporter.
A quoi vous attendre le jour de la course.
Mathéo Geyer
Europe - French @ 1:36pm CET
Thème 4: Choisir une course et voyager avec votre vélo                      
Choisir une course et voyager avec votre vélo. Comment gérer
le transport et l'emballage et vous préparer pour votre premier GFNY
Comment adapter ce que nous avons appris à notre calendrier 2023:
utiliser notre plateforme de selection de course
Voyager vers une course avec votre vélo
Voyager sans votre vélo
Mulhouse Club
USA / North America - English @ 12pm ET
Panel 1: 2023 Calendar                         
Destinations, Epic climbs of GFNY, #BeachGFNY, #PoolGFNY,
Countries with 1 GFNY, Countries with several GFNY
Shaun Gad
USA / North America - English @ 12:36pm ET
Panel 2: Training Plans and Coaching                       
What it stands for, what does it offer, what does it mean
How to train for your first GFNY
Ben Braem
Vito Valentini
USA / North America - English @ 1:06pm ET
Panel 3: What to Expect on Race Day                      
What it stands for, what does it offer, Packet pickup, Club membership
Getting your bike ready, essentials - what to bring
Ben Gorodetsky
Paolina Allan
Talía Schürmann
USA / North America - English @ 1:36pm ET
Panel 4: Choosing a race and traveling with your bike                      
How to pack & prepare for your first GFNY
Applying what we learned about what’s on the 2023 calendar:
Using the race finder
Traveling to a race with your bike
Traveling without your bike
Heather Shapiro
Latin America - Spanish @ 2:30 pm ET
Panel 1: Calendario 2023                         
Destinos, Escaladas épicas de GFNY, #BeachGFNY,
#PoolGFNY, Países con 1 GFNY, Países con varios GFNY
Diego Castro
Nestor Piñón
Alw Whilar
Latin America - Spanish @ 3:06pm ET
Panel 2: Planes de Entrenamiento y Coaching                       
Qué representa, qué ofrece, qué significa
Cómo entrenar para tu primer GFNY                           
Flavio de Luna
Coach Marcia
Antonio Oliveiras
Coach Mauricio
Latin America - Spanish @3:36pm ET
Panel 3: Qué esperar el día de la carrera                      
Qué representa, qué ofrece, Recogida de paquete, Membresía del club
Preparando tu bicicleta, elementos esenciales - qué llevar
Carla Gordon
Latin America - Spanish @ 4:06pm ET
Panel 4: Elegir una carrera y viajar con tu bicicleta                      
Cómo empacar y prepararte para tu primer GFNY
Aplicando lo que aprendimos sobre lo que hay en el calendario 2023:
Uso del buscador de carreras
Viajar a una carrera con tu bicicleta
Viajar sin tu bicicleta
Leon Santamaria
Omar Salirm
Hector Vinasco

Conference recordings 2023

GFNY Conférence France 


GFNY English Conference 


Conferencia GFNY Español



Thank you to hundreds of attendees to the inaugural GFNY Conference that was held on January 30, 2022!


We had athletes from 25 nations joining us:
Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Germany, Guernsey, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Sweden, UK, USA, South Korea, Uruguay.

We’re looking forward to the GFNY Conference 2023!

Conference recordings

In case you missed the conference, you can still watch the recordings of each panel:

My First GFNY

GFNY World 2022 calendar

GFNY Training

The Future of Pro Cycling

12:00pm ET My First GFNY Panel 1
Panelists: Uli Fluhme, Vito Valentini, Noel Quintero
What it stands for, what does it offer, what does it mean
How to train for your first GFNY
What attracted you to GFNY
How to pack & prepare for your first GFNY
12:50pm ET GFNY World Calendar Panel 2 
Panelists: Lidia Fluhme, Shaun Gad, Cedric Haas, Elena Nolasco, Luis Lemus
Overview of the GFNY World 2022 racing calendar, race features, how to prepare for your GFNY trip
1:35pm ET GFNY Training  Panel 3 
Panelists: Jill Patterson, Vito Valentini, Antonio Oliveros, Alberto Covarrubias, Ben Braem,
Mauricio Rodriguez Estrada
Advice about training for various races and presentations from GFNY Coaches
2:20pm ET The Future of Pro Cycling  Panel 4 
Panelists: Uli Fluhme, Luis Lemus, Jill Patterson, Frankie Andreu, Ben Wolfe
The current division between professional and amateur cycling, exploring how to grow professional cycling.
An in-depth conversation of the recent pieces by GFNY:


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