Club Purchase Program

GFNY is offering to your club and team a volume discount on GFNY helmets and sunglasses so you and your crew can look appropriately matchy-matchy in the peloton. You already have your team apparel, and now you can take your style game to the next level and save with the GFNY Club Purchase Program.
We have color customization options available! Check out below pricing and email us with your request and questions.

GFNY Sunglasses

We recommend 2 pairs of sunglasses per athlete: photochromic for low-light cycling and mirror lenses for daytime cycling. 

1. Frame
Existing options, or possibility for custom frame color!
2. Lenses - which color and style.
Can mix and match from existing lenses between 
Attack style: clear, black, photochromic, silver mirror
Gruppo: photochromic, silver mirror, red mirror, super blue, green contrast vision
Custom frame production is minimum of 60 pieces
60+ sunglasses: $109 / mirror, $129 / photochromic
Discounted Club Purchase pricing of in-stock models
10-30 sunglasses: $129 / mirror, $149 / photochromic
31-59 sunglasses: $119 / mirror, $139 / photochromic

GFNY Helmets

  • Ultra lightweight at 206g for size S and 221g for size M-L. 
  • Modern design.
  • Low side holes to hold your GFNY Sunglasses perfectly in place when not in use.
  • GFNY helmets are CPSC (USA) and EN 1078 (EU) certified.
  • 10-19 helmets: $119/each
  • 20-29 helmets: $110/each
  • 30-39 helmets: $105/each
  • 40+ helmets: $99/each

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