Our Values


The cornerstone of GFNY is fairness, in every aspect. GFNY takes extra care to ensure that every athlete is treated fairly, treated in the same way as other athletes, and that every athlete has a fair race. GFNY goes to great lengths and each race organizer does their utmost to ensure the fairness of your race.
At GFNY, every race and athlete follow the same, standard set of Event Rules and the same, standard Code of Conduct. Every athlete accepts these terms during registration and every athlete is expected to follow them.
Before a race, GFNY conducts out-of-competition doping controls. 
During a race, GFNY conducts motor checks. GFNY has various checkpoints along the course to ensure that every athlete is completing the entire race course. GFNY also has a variety of marshals, video and photo team in the race to ensure every participant is adhering to race rules.
After the race, GFNY conducts in-competition doping controls and motor checks. For anyone found in violation of a rule, a uniform penalty system is applied by the GFNY Race Judge with zero favoritism or special treatment.


GFNY is open to everyone: man or woman, young or old, pro athlete or weekend warrior. No matter our profession, religion, heritage or place of birth, when we wear our GFNY jersey, we are all part of one, global family of like-minded athletes.
We carry this spirit of inclusivity across all of GFNY. GFNY is the world’s most international series, with athletes from 120 countries taking part in GFNY races each year. One of the most unique experiences about GFNY is how diverse GFNY participants are, and traveling to GFNY races allows you to experience sport in a new destination and also a new cultural setting, while still under the safe, familiar GFNY experience.
Thank you for your interest in GFNY! We are so happy that you’re joining us.

Athlete Focus

At GFNY, you can feel that the experience is about you. At GFNY, we care about every athlete, from first to last. 
We provide race information to provide the athlete the best, organized and enjoyable experience. We take care of all the details to provide you the experience you dream about. We keep the course support open not just for the lead riders, but for every rider, and only end support when the course closes.
We are lifelong endurance athletes and love to test the limits of our mind and our body, while also visiting new places in the world. We have followed this passion to create GFNY and offer to you events that are organized in a way we expect them to be: with clear communication, transparency and safety and a well organized experience. GFNY products are designed with a focus on function, technology, innovation, we design GFNY products according to our personal specification and we use GFNY products daily ourselves.
It’s natural for GFNY to be Athlete Focused because we are athletes ourselves. GFNY’s culture of excellence is a commitment for bringing impactful events and products of the highest quality due to our personal endurance experience that fosters good product design from the outset, anticipates your requirements, and provides you happiness.


It’s our passion to come up with new products and services to help you be the best athlete you can be or to enjoy sport in new and meaningful ways. We are driven to find the newest, the lightest, the most breathable, the most technically advanced. The world is always evolving and new technologies constantly evolve to produce newer and greater raw materials that we use to take GFNY products and your sport, comfort and enjoyment to another level.
Besides developing GFNY products, GFNY innovates in other areas too, like technology, with GFNY.cc, with services, like GFNY Coaching, and we aren’t done yet. “New” is in GFNY’s DNA. Stay tuned for more new stuff to come!

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