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GFNY Gruppo

GFNY Gruppo is GFNY’s weekly YouTube show. The GFNY Gruppo team travel to many GFNY races and provide coverage of traveling to a race, the pre-race activities, rider interviews and the race action. During non-racing weeks, Gruppo covers other GFNY topics, such as:

  • Race previews & course strategy.
  • The 3x medal and how to earn it.
  • Travel tips to upcoming GFNY races.
  • Interviews.
  • Training tips.
  • Race news.
    ...and more
Gruppo airs in Spanish and English (language alternates each week) and is hosted by former pro cyclist Luis Enrique Lemus Dávila, who was the Mexican National Road Champion in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016. During his 7 years on the Pro Tour circuit, Luis crossed the globe traveling from race to race. Luis provides an insightful look into cycling, sport travel and GFNY racing from all angles.

Daily Coffee with GFNY Podcast

On the DAILY COFFEE WITH GFNY podcast the GFNY team talks about all things GFNY. And it’s the place where latest GFNY news get announced first.
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