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The 2023 GFNY NYC Jersey

30 Mar 2023

The all new, 100% Made in Italy GFNY race jersey features a lighter, softer and even more breathable fabric on the back slightly angled outside back pockets for easier access a more modern

Svenska Cycling Plus - GFNY NYC

30 Mar 2023

New York Gran Fondo  New York kanske främst förknippas med sina skyskrapor, de gula taxibilarna,  frihetsgudinnan och Broadways färgsprakande neonskyltar. Många känner  nog också till New York Marathon, men vi åkte dit för att delta i

Official GFNY Uppsala Medal

30 Mar 2023

Your racing just got a whole lot more rewarding! Every GFNY Uppsala finisher receives this beautiful meda, no matter which distance they complete. All finishers also earn a “Finish” towards their 3×2023 GFNY medal

International Women’s Day spotlight

08 Mar 2023

The cycling industry should tap the purchasing power of women cyclists, says first-time GFNY rider Miki Edelman. Miki Edelman, who works in the financial industry in New York, first got introduced to cycling by way

Svenska Cycling Plus - GFNY Colombia

28 Feb 2023

GFNY Colombia  De colombianska cyklisterna gör avtryck i proffstouren och efter fredsprocessen och minskade oroligheter i landet ökar nu turismen. Vi åkte till Colombia för att ta tempen på cykelkulturen och för att delta i

The 2023 GFNY Uppsala Jersey

21 Feb 2023

Take on Sweden’s first GFNY race with this Jersey Challenge yourself August 27 on a 144km long course filled with breathtaking views and unpaved roads. GFNY Uppsala takes you from the dynamic, energetic bustle

Goodie Bag - GFNY NYC 2023

14 Feb 2023

A staple in your goodie bag for 10 years straight: the GFNY bottle by ELITE. For the true BE A PRO FOR A DAY experience, we’ll get you world’s lightest bottle, the ELITE Fly in

Your 2023 GFNY World Races

02 Feb 2023

GFNY is a personal endurance challenge where you compete against others, the clock and yourself. Some athletes will compete for the podium, others will do their best to beat the cut-off. GFNY is about

Athletes' Choice Awards

28 Jan 2023

The day after a GFNY is held, every athlete who finished the race gets an email with a post-race survey that captures rankings as well as feedback. The race organizers do read the

New: Largest Club Category

18 Jan 2023

New for GFNY NYC 2023, we are adding a new category celebrating the club with the most finishers. Already 300+ clubs are signed up and will be represented on May 21st. Many returning clubs like

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