Who's who:

1. TOP LEFT (first on mobile): Ben Voss, perched on a motorcycle near the lead pack. For close-up action watch Ben, but be aware that the views might be better than the sound due to technical issues.

2. TOP RIGHT (second): Race director Uli Fluhme and video director Alex Bruskin, reporting from the lead car. Tune in for a behind the scenes look as the pro race unfolds.

3. BOTTOM LEFT (third): GFNY social media maven Emma Bishop, reporting from the top of Bear Mountain. Watch here to keep up with riders of all levels.

4. BOTTOM RIGHT (fourth): Gabe Lloyd and Dan Schmalz, pro commentators stationed at the GFNY finish line. For expert commentary mute the other screens and follow this one.


If you are watching from your computer and have a fast internet connection, try starting all the videos at once. If the feeds have issues pause as many as needed.

If you are watching from your phone, first try running one live stream at a time. Add more only if your network can handle it.

You can go full screen on any of the feeds, and mute or unmute as needed.

Want to comment or ask questions? Go to Gabe and Dan's stream. They will answer your questions, and pass along any comments to the rest of the team.

Thanks for watching!