GFNY is open to everyone

GFNY is open to all fitness levels and to any athlete over age of 18 (or 19 at select races, e.g., GFNY Italia). To register, go to gfny.cc/user/register or go to the race’s website and register there. You do not need to qualify to take part in GFNY. 
GFNY is a cycling marathon. Some riders will compete for the podium, others will do their best to beat the cut-off. GFNY is about doing your best. You make the event what you want it to be. But it is meant to be a personal challenge. 
Athletes can choose between two distances: long route and medium route. The medium course is a non-competitive, recreational ride. Your total time is provided, but there are no rankings. The long route riders are taking part in a competitive race. All finishers are ranked overall and in their age group.
You don’t need to be a licensed racer with your federation to take part in GFNY. Some races (e.g. GFNY France, GFNY Italia) require you to have a license, and if you do not have that race’s domestic annual license or an annual international UCI license, you must present a medical certificate and purchase a 1-day license . Some races require you to present a medical certificate but do not require a license (e.g., GFNY Argentina, GFNY Uruguay).


If you are qualified and registered, you are all set and don’t have to do anything. You will be automatically seeded in the Qualifier Corral at any GFNY that you are registered for. Note the registration deadline for Qualifier Corral seeding is 21 days before the race date.


Qualifier status earns you a start in the Qualifier Corral at every GFNY World race. 
Qualification is based on placement in your age group. Age group results are based on chip time. Overall rankings are based on gun time and an athlete who has a faster gun time may see qualifiers who were slower by gun time, but they had faster chip times.
To check your Qualification Status, please visit your GFNY.cc account.

One-time Qualification Option

If you have never raced GFNY before, you can submit your results to request a Qualifier Corral Start. 
Athletes must meet certain criteria to be eligible to submit past results: 1. Athletes who have a UCI Pro license or a national federation license OF THE HIGHEST AMATEUR CATEGORY and 2. are actively racing in that category. Please send a photo of your actual license as well as race results from this or last year to the GFNY you plan to race in for consideration.
If awarded, you will have a One-time Qualification, to start in the Qualifier Corral at your next GFNY.

GFNY reserves the right to limit the front corral to direct GFNY qualifiers if there are space constraints.

Start Corrals

GFNY Championship Races

If you finish a GFNY Regional Championship or the GFNY World Championship long course in the top 20% of your age group, you will start in the Qualifier Corral at all GFNYs for the next 380 days.

Overall Champions (man and woman) of a GFNY Regional Championship win flights, hotel and entry to GFNY World Championship NYC to compete for the GFNY World Championship crown.