Scoring and Rankings


Every competitor is chip timed start-to-finish.

In some races, there may be a Timing Finish plus a Celebratory Finish, if it’s not possible to hold both finish points in the same location. The Timing Finish is usually very basic, with just a timing mat. The Celebratory Finish is the dressed up finish line, where you get your medal and meet your family. If a race lists just one “Finish Line”, then that Finish Line is both the Timing Finish and Celebratory Finish.

Your ticket is your entry into the race, regardless of the distance you complete. You can change your race distance even during the race. There are various check points along the course. As you pass various check points, the timing chip on your bike detects which course you are riding. You will be classified under the distance you completed automatically, regardless which distance you selected before the race.


In races where the medium course is part of the long course: If a rider completes the medium route, but has to abandon their race somewhere after crossing the medium course finish line but before the long course finish line, they will be classified as a medium route finisher.

For races where the medium route is not overlapping with the long course, and a rider does not cross the medium course or long course finish line, the rider will not be listed in the results and will not be considered a finisher.

If there is a stated cutoff, and a rider does not meet the cutoff, they will not be able to cross the finish line, and will not be in the results.

Some races can have intermediate cutoffs that reroute riders from the long route to the medium route. In case of missing a long route cutoff and being rerouted to medium route, if the rider successfully crosses the medium route finish line, they will be listed with the medium route finishers.


The medium course is a non-competitive, recreational ride. Your total time is provided, but there are no rankings. The listing of medium route finishers is provided in alphabetical order.

The long route riders are taking part in a competitive race. All finishers are ranked overall and in their age group.

Overall results are based on gun time. Category results are based on chip time.

On, you will initially see the Overall rankings, based on gun time. Select the category in the filters on the page to see an age group and the age group rankings by chip time.


GFNY is open to any athlete over age of 18 (or 19 at select races, e.g., GFNY Italia). In order to register, go to or go to the race’s website and register there. You do not need to Qualify to take part in GFNY. 

Qualifier status earns you a start in the Qualifier Corral at every GFNY World race. 
Qualification is based on placement in your age group. Age group results are based on chip time. Overall rankings are based on gun time and an athlete who has a faster gun time may see qualifiers who were slower by gun time, but they had faster chip times.
Qualifications are calculated as follows:

Top 3 overall (m/f)
Top 10% of finishers in each age group
Top 20% of finishers in each age group at Regional Championships and World Championship
Minimum of 1 qualifier per age group
Rounding up .5 and over: if there were 15 finishers at top 10% of finisher qualify, top 2 finishers in the age group earn Qualifier status.
Qualification status is calculated from Final results. Qualification is not calculated based on Preliminary results. Final results are usually ready 1-2 weeks after a race, although larger events may need 2 weeks or longer to issue final results. Stay tuned for communication from your race via email or social announcing that Qualifications have been calculated.
Your Qualification is valid for 380 days and you can track the qualification period in your account. If you do a race during your Qualification period and don’t qualify at that race, don’t worry - your Qualification status remains valid, until 380 days from the date you earned the Qualification. If you re-qualify during an existing qualification period, your qualification date is extended to 380 days from that latest qualification date.


Results are available at

Preliminary results are available on the day of the race.

For any timing or ranking questions or disputes, contact the organizer of the race. Preliminary results can be updated in intervals in the days following a race.

Final results are usually ready 1-2 weeks after a race. After a race, the race organizer reviews the race results and applies any penalties and/or disqualifications. Smaller events usually have the results finalized within 1 week following a race. Larger events may need 2 weeks, or sometimes longer, to issue final results.

Your Finisher Certificate and Finisher Badge are only issued once the results are final. Stay tuned for communication from your race via email or social once the Finisher Certificates & Finisher Badge are available. It’s not possible to issue Finisher Certificates before finalizing results.

To download your Finisher Certificate and Finisher Badge, go to the Results tab in your account: