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Covid Travel Restrictions Policy

23 Sep 2020

Here is what happens to your entry to a GFNY if you can’t travel due to government restrictions: If the government where you live prevents you from traveling to a GFNY, you will get a

The GFNY Alpes Vaujany race video

18 Sep 2020

GFNY Alpes Vaujany was one of those races you will tell your grandchildren about. Watch the race video.

The 2021 GFNY NYC jersey

14 Sep 2020

You will wear this jersey at the 10th edition of GFNY World Championship NYC on May 16, 2021. To commemorate the special occasion of celebrating the 10th edition, GFNY’s design team obsessed about green, with

2021 GFNY NYC Jersey teaser

09 Sep 2020

Next week we will be revealing the theme for the GFNY 2021-2022 season. Brand new designs, brand new fabrics, brand new cuts. The most innovative apparel that we’ve ever created. We’re excited to share it


20 Aug 2020

GFNY Florida Sebring está CONFIRMADO. La Ciudad de Sebring aprobó que GFNY Florida Sebring se lleve a cabo el 25 de octubre de 2020 y GFNY Kids Florida Sebring el 24 de octubre de 2020.


20 Aug 2020

GFNY Alpes Vaujany is taking a number of precautions to keep GFNY riders, staff and volunteers safe. Measures include social distancing, modifying aspects of the race to prevent congregation of people and avoiding contamination from

Rethinking Cycling's Future

22 Jul 2020

A pragmatic proposal for the sport we love. By Uli Fluhme Preamble Is it really so important that road cycling grows and expands its audience to the extent that it alienates its core audience, abandons