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19 March: Granfondo – RESULTS & GC

18 March: 60km Stage – RESULTS & GC

17 March: Uphill Time Trial – RESULTS

First ever GFNY Stage Race delivered

The first ever GFNY Stage Race took place from March 17-19 in Italy’s Lazio region south of Rome. San Felice Circeo hosted the opening uphill time trial and the following 62km road race stage. The 132km granfondo with start and finish in Terracina rounded out the competition.

Roberto Cesare of Team Falasca Zama (ITA) dominated the race. He took the overall by winning the first two stages and placing 6th in the granfondo which was won by his team mate Marco Sivo. Italians Bruno Sanetti (GS Vigili del Fuoco) and Manuel Ciaffone (ASD Effetto Ciclismo) rounded out the stage race podium.

A solid performance across all three stages helped Elisa Rigon of AS Roma (ITA) take the overall win. GFNY President and organizer of GFNY Italia, Lidia Fluhme (USA), finished second ahead of Beatrice Possidente (ASD Gruppo Ciclismo, ITA).

“It’s been an amazing week here in Italy,” said GFNY CEO Uli Fluhme. “Before the Stage Race we held a 5-day camp where we enjoyed the beautiful spring weather here together with a fun group to ride on stunning roads. The Stage Race itself was such a unique challenge. We all had to convince our legs that it’s a great idea to race a 132km granfondo with 2000m of climbing after already competing for two days. It gave us amateurs a glimpse into what the pros go through.”


Italians dominate water battle at GFNY Italia


Riders from the US, Canada, Brasil, Mexico, Nigeria and all over Europe experienced a true Italian granfondo at GFNY Italia. And they had to work hard to earn their finish. After four rain free months, the Lazio region was battered by rain this past Sunday. While riders did not get to enjoy the spectacular views along the course, in particular the incredibly stunning Sperlonga climb, most embraced the added challenge knowing the race will be one to remember.

Italian granfondos are known for one pace: “a tutto gas”, all out. During the initial five neutralized kilometers on the world’s oldest road “Via Appia”, the pace was already set by the lead moto at a staggering 45km/h. When the race was opened, speeds quickly hit 55km/h with numerous attacks on rain flooded roads. Expectedly, none of them were successful until the Sperlonga climb 15km into the race where the peloton split into small groups.

A lead group of 12 riders formed and stayed together also across Passo San Nicola and the Vallecorsa climb. Federico Colone (Evonacicli) won the sprint on Via Appia in Terracina after 125km of racing with 1,750m of climbing in 3:21:00. Second place went to Matteo Cecconi (Vigili del Fuoco Viterbo) ahead of Francesco Cipoletta (Pro Cycling).

“I train on the course all the time so it’s awesome to win here,” said Colone. “And I’ll keep training on the course to be ready to also win at the GFNY World Championship in NYC this coming May.”

The all Italian men’s podium was followed by an all Italian women’s podium. Loredana Varlese (Cicli Rebike Fondi) was able to distance Isabella Iacovissi (SDS Eleven Sport) by a solid minute in 3:54:49. Elsa Rigon (ASD Roma) finished third.

“For 2017, we’ll offer a completely new GFNY experience in Italy,” added GFNY President Lidia Fluhme who won her age group. “From March 12-19, riders can enjoy four days of training and three days of stage race: an uphill ITT through Terracina’s historic old town to the 2000-year old Jupiter Temple, a circuit race and the traditional granfondo.”


Riders from 27 Countries Competed at 2nd Annual GFNY Italia


Racers from 27 countries got to race like pros for a day at the second annual GFNY Italia on September 20, 2015. Start and finish were held in the town of Terracina in the Lazio region, just an hour south of Rome at the Tyrrhenian coast. Athletes from 27 countries such as Ecuador, USA, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Singapore and across Europe tackled the 78-mile/125km long course with 6,230ft/1,900m of climbing or the 65-mile/100km medium course with 5,426ft/1,500m of climbing. Both routes start at the sea and travel into the Ausonian hills. Sunny skies and 25C / 77F temperatures provided ideal racing and riding conditions.

The coastal town of Terracina played host to GFNY Italia for the second year. Terracina’s Ancient Roman remains of the Temple of Jupiter Anxur, built in 1st century BCE, sit atop a cliff that overlooks the start & finish area of GFNY Italia and contributed to stunning start and finish line photos for memories to last a lifetime for all participants. Cyclists were treated to views of Tyrrhenian Sea, Ausoni mountains, palm trees, and welcoming small Italian towns and villages in this race, one of the most beautiful gran fondo courses in all of Italy.

Nikita Eskov from Russia won the race in 3:19:41 with an attack during the final kilometer. Luisiano Cannizzaro from Italy won the sprint for second place just five seconds back. The women’s race was won by Italian Manuela De Iuliis in 3:37:16. She took the race by distancing second place finisher Cristina Coletti (Italy) by 4 minutes.

Only a few racers were in the hunt for the overall win. However, age groupers were fighting hard to be in the top 10% of their category to snatch a racer corral spot for the 2nd annual GFNY Championship in NYC on May 15, 2016.

“At Campagnolo GFNY in NYC we have the most spectacular start line in cycling on the George Washington Bridge,” says Uli Fluhme, CEO of GFNY. “But the course at GFNY Italia is arguably one of the most spectacular in the world. I’ve raced 100 granfondos around the globe but the views from the Sperlonga climb over the sea are mesmerizing. I don’t know any better way to close out the European GFNY season.”


Limar GFNY Italia opened the GFNY World season on September 21, 2014 with great success

The coastal town of Terracina, Lazio, situated one hour south of Rome, was host to the first ever GFNY World event on one of the most spectacular courses in granfondo worldwide.


At Limar GFNY Italia, riders had the choice between the 85mi / 135km with 2,500m / 8,000ft of climbing “long route” and the 60mi / 100km with 1,800m / 5,000ft of climbing “medium route”. Both routes started and finished in Terracina and offered spectacular views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Ausoni and Aurunci Mountains, Roman ruins, medieval mountaintop villages, countless vineyards, and lemon, orange and olive groves.

GFNY Italia was an Italian sweep: Luisiano Cannizzaro and Maria Giacinta Cannas won the long course in a time of 3:23:53 (38.3km/h) and 4:05:14 (31.8km/h), respectively. The medium route was won by Raffaele Basile and Manuela de Iuliis in a time of 2:52:25 (35.5km/h) and 3:13:43.26 (31.6km/h), respectively.

While only the top 10% finishers of all age groups qualified for a racer corral seeding at the GFNY Championship in NYC on May 17, 2015, everyone enjoyed the spectacular course in summer weather with temperatures reaching an unseasonable 32C/90F. Many riders traveled from across Europe and as far as the US, Canada and Brazil to experience an authentic Italian granfondo. And many of these visitors added a week or two to experience Italian culture whether it means spending time in Rome or in Northern Italy where classic climbs like the Stelvio awaited.

“Limar GFNY Italia was a remarkable experience. The cyclists around me were competitive and pushed me to do my best but also very friendly worked well as a group riding in a peloton. The race was perfectly organized, with top-notch traffic control, well-stocked aid stations and fantastic course selection with amazing views. It was an unforgettable day and I’m already looking forward to my next GFNY World event,” said Jared Skolnik from New York City.


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