Registration Insurance - Refundable Booking

At the time of registration, you are provided the option to accept or decline the purchase of Refundable Booking that covers you in case of not being able to take part in GFNY events for certain covered reasons.

Refunds are payable under covered reasons. Here are the Terms and Conditions of Refundable Booking:

If you purchased Refundable Booking coverage, here is the link to the claim form:

When filling out the form, the ID number of your policy is the Bluesnap ID from your registration. The service provides replies generally within 24hrs, if you don’t get a reply, please check your spam box or go back to the form.

If you purchased Refundable Booking, you can also obtain a personalized claim link if you log into your account and click on "I can’t attend”.

Medical Insurance

Every GFNY participant is responsible for obtaining medical insurance to cover their medical expenses (e.g., if you crash in the race). Your GFNY entry fee does not include medical insurance. Please read below options and find the best insurance option to meet your needs.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance provides you an insurance policy for the entire duration of your trip, and a variety of services should you need them. We strongly encourage any athlete without an international health insurance to purchase travel insurance to assist with any potential expenses incurred during the entire duration of your trip abroad.

GFNY has partnered with Pacific Prime to offer GFNY athletes and companions a worldwide travel insurance. Pacific Prime is an award-winning health insurance broker with over two decades of experience in the insurance sector. Pacific Prime selected the VUMI Travel VIP insurance, which provides the most comprehensive worldwide coverage.

VUMI Travel VIP insurance is valid for international trips, outside your home country’s borders, and when arriving by plane to the foreign country (driving internationally is not covered). You can select a per-trip or annual coverage option. Check the policy terms and conditions for full details prior to booking.

One-day license from the national federation

National Federations that GFNY works with offer one-day and annual licenses  Licenses provide additional insurance coverage from any accident during the event you are participating in. Many federations don’t require you to purchase a 1-day license to race GFNY, this extra insurance is optional, but highly encouraged, particularly for athletes without health insurance coverage in the nation where you are racing. Check the policy, often the federation policies have high deductibles and low limits, so additional insurance options are recommended to cover you below the deductible threshold and beyond their limit.

Check with your GFNY organizer about any requirements for an annual or one-day license to take part in your race.

Some National Federations that GFNY works with require a medical certificate from athletes. In some countries, a medical certificate is required for every participant (Argentina, Uruguay) regardless of having an annual license.

Some National Federations only require a medical certificate if you purchase a one-day license (Italy, France). Please check with your race organizer about any requirement for a medical certificate.

USA Cycling

GFNYs in the US are sanctioned under USA Cycling, the national cycling federation. USA Cycling offers one-day licenses (1DL) as well as annual licenses. Purchasing this extra insurance is optional, but highly encouraged, particularly for riders without US-based health insurance. 
Please note that the USAC license has a $5000 deductible, so you should also add the Spot option, which provides cover without a deductible, but has a low limit, best for covering smaller medical expenses. Note that the USAC 1-day license provides you cover only on the day of the race.
If you have any questions about the optional 1-day and annual licenses, please email USA Cycling’s Member Services

Check the Race Guide for a QR code for easy mobile access to the USAC license registration page.

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