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Individual Competition

Individuals can also register as members of a team to take part in the GFNY Team Competition.

- 18-39 male/female
- 40-44 m/f
- 45-49 m/f
- 50-54 m/f
- 55-59 m/f
- 60-64 m/f
- 65+ f
- 65-69 m
- 70-74 m
- 75+ m

Team Competition

Individuals can register as members of a team to take part in the GFNY Team Competition.

  • The four fastest times from a team will be added and ranked to determine the fastest team.

  • All team member splits are totaled and ranked.

  • The podium 4-person teams will be awarded prizes.

  • All members of a Cycling Team are eligible for individual age group prizes.

  • There is no maximum amount of members per team.

Him+Her Category

A female and male rider have to finish within thirty seconds of each other.

Because it’s tough to find two riders of the same ability and fitness, pushing, pulling, dragging, encouraging, screaming, shouting and any other means of working together is allowed.

The Him+Her team competition consists of two age categories: sub-90 and 90+ years old combined.

Members of a Him+Her team are not eligible for individual age group prizes because rider assistance among team members in this category is permitted.


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