Marathon and Half Marathon

All finishers are ranked overall and in their age group.

Overall results are based on gun time. Category results are based on chip time.

Your racing age is based on your age on December 31 of the race year.

Individual Competition

An age group exists as a competitive category if there is at least one athlete of that age and sex taking place in the race.

• Overall m/f
• 18-34 m/f
• 35-39 m/f
• 40-44 m/f
• 45-49 m/f
• 50-54 m/f
• 55-59 m/f
• 60-64 m/f
• 65-69 m/f
• 70-74 m/f
• 75-79 m/f
• 80+ m/f

Individuals can also register as members of a team to take part in the GFNY Team Competition.

Team Competition

Individual GFNY runners can register as members of a team to take part in the Team Competition. Simply enter your Team Name in your registration and all riders with the same team name will be ranked together.

  • There is no maximum number of participants per team.
  • The 4 best times of a team will be combined and ranked along with other teams.
  • Each subsequent team of 4 with the same team name will be grouped into their respective team result, plus a letter designation. E.g., Team Go Fast A, Team Go Fast B, Team Go Fast C, etc.
  • All members of a running team are eligible for individual prizes in their age group.
  • The three fastest Teams-of-4 will be called to the podium and will receive prizes.

You can add or edit your team name at the time of registration, or anytime until 21 days before the race by logging into your account and editing your ticket. If you miss the 21-day changes cutoff, no problem - come to Registrations & Data Changes booth at the expo and we will change your team name onsite.

If your team would like to line up in the start corrals together, you can line up in the corral of the group member with the highest race number. Group members cannot move forward to a start corral allocated to lower start numbers.

Category, data and distance changes

During registration, you select your preferred racing distance (marathon or half marathon), team name, singlet size, country represented and other personal data. 

Making changes online: You can edit certain ticket information anytime until 21 days before the race by logging into your account and editing your ticket. 

If you are unable to make a change and need help, contact us.

Making changes on-site: If you miss the 21-day data changes cutoff, no problem - come to Registrations & Data Changes booth at the expo and we will make your distance / data change onsite.

If your singlet does not fit you, we offer a Singlet Exchange booth at the expo. We will do our best to provide an exchange singlet in, or near, your ideal size.
You can change your race distance even during the race. Your ticket is your entry into the race, regardless of the distance you complete. There are various check points along the course. As you pass various check points, the timing chip on your bike detects which course you are running.

If you signed up for the half marathon but are feeling great and want to take on the full marathon, you can. If you signed up for the marathon and are not feeling like today is the day to accomplish this goal, you can switch to the half marathon.The timing company at the race is reviewing the points where your timing chip was detected and reclassifies any athlete to the distance they ran.

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